In January 2020, FIBA announced the theme of the 4th edition of its annual FIBA PHOTO CONTEST : « Women in Basketball ».
Thinking about this theme, I wondered who could be the Women in Basketball except female players themselves.
It is from this reflection that the idea of photographing the mothers of young basketball players emerged.

With mothers of young players from Magnanville Basketball Club in France, I shooted this photo series on the city’s playground. I wanted to spotlight these Women in Basketball often in the shadow : mothers.
This photo series is named « LES MAMANS DU CLUB DE BASKET DE MAGNANVILLE ».

Special thanks to : Flavie, Delphine, Sandrine, Smahène, Behija, Karine & Céline. And a very special thanks to Arnaud for his precious help and his enthusiam.

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